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Payment Delay: what this means and how to request one

We know this is a very difficult time for many of our customers, and we want to be there to help. If you're worried about not being able to pay your premiums and your horse being unprotected we have some options available for you.

Am I eligible for a payment delay?

A 1, 2 or 3 month payment delay is available for customers who have made at least one payment on their policy since taking out cover and pay by monthly direct debit. If you pay annually and would like to talk to us about switching to direct debit at your renewal then please call us on 0345 026 4234.

What does payment holiday/payment delay mean?

A Payment Holiday is another name for a payment delay. This is where we agree to delay collecting your insurance premiums for up to 3 months. Premiums will still be owed at the end of this period, not written off. You can choose whether you would like to delay collection of your premium for 1, 2 or 3 months.

How do I pay back the premium owed?

The payments that you request to delay will be spread evenly across the remainder of the payments you have on your policy. For example, if after the delay you have 4 months left on your policy we would divide the premium you owe us between these months and add it to your normal monthly premium. This will be different for customers who renew in this time.

Can I still claim?

Looking after horses continues to be our priority and we will continue to pay your claims as normal in this period. However, if you claim whilst you are not paying your usual monthly premiums and cancel your policy at the end of your chosen delay period without paying the outstanding money owed , we reserve the right to ask you to pay us back any monies paid out in relation to claims in this period.

How quickly can I start a payment delay?

We can start your payment delay with immediate effect as long as you let us know a minimum of 5 working days prior to your usual direct debit date. If you notify us less than 5 working days before your direct debit is due your payment delay will start from the following month.

What if my renewal is in this period?

If your policy is due to renew in this period we can still offer a payment delay. The outstanding money from the current policy year will be collected with the first monthly premium owed when your payment holiday ends. This will be outlined in the new payment schedule we send you. The money outstanding from the new policy year will be spread over the remainder of the new policy year.

What if a payment delay isn't right for me?

If a payment delay doesn't meet your needs you can always speak to us about downgrading or changing the cover you have. It is best to ring us on 0345 026 4234 to speak to one of our team directly as they will be able to explain to you not only what options you have but also make sure you understand if this would have any effect on the extent of cover your horse has.

What should I do if I have multiple policies?

If you would like to start a payment delay on more than one policy, you will need to complete a Payment Deferment Form for each of your policies.

To request a payment delay please email us at confirming whether you want a 1, 2 or 3 month payment delay and your policy number. By sending this email to us you are confirming that you wish for us to stop collecting payments for the period of time selected and understand that the premiums owed will be spread across the remainder of your policy year. You'll receive confirmation of this and a new payment schedule after we've processed your request.

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